Saturday, March 12, 2011

SEO Tips for LinkedIn-boost your search rank!

A few days ago, I listened to a Social Marketing Webinar run by Lewis Howes and Sean Malarky (social media experts). He shared some VERY valuable info about LinkedIn, including how to get your name to come up higher in search results.

First of all, login to LinkedIn right now. In the search bar at the top, type in a key word for your industry (ex. real estate, sports, interior design...etc.) See if you come up in the first few pages.

Now SEO is all about key words. Go through your profile and add your key word in these 5 places:

1. name and headline (job title)
2. current work experience
3. past work experiece (if you can)
4. summary
5. specialties

Once your done, search for your keyword again, and see where you come in. My key word is real estate. One thing to notice, is that real estate (and maybe your key word) is a VERY broad search term. It may be hard to get your rank up there without being a little more specific.

For example: I added my city to my search term. Go ahead, search- real estate indianapolis. See where I come in? As of today, I see myself at the #2 spot!! If you search more specifically: real estate investors indianapolis....I am the VERY FIRST person you will see.

Try it out yourself and get exposed!

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