Monday, April 25, 2011

Broad Ripple Neighborhood Guide: Indianapolis, IN

Looking for a house in the Broad Ripple area?  Great choice!  I’ve lived here for almost three years now, and I highly recommend it.  There are some beautiful neighborhoods in Broad Ripple, with plenty of boutique shops, live music, and a variety of restaurants.  It is also in an ideal location; a quick 15 min car ride (depending on traffic of course) will get you either downtown, or up to Keystone at the Crossing.

Broad Ripple is home to people of all ages, so whether you are a 20-something looking for your first house, or empty-nesters looking for your second, there is something here for you.  Below is an overview of the different areas of Broad Ripple.  Hopefully this will help you decide which neighborhood is best for you.

College Ave:
College Ave is one of the main streets running north and south through Broad Ripple, and is lined with cute bungalow style houses.  52nd street north to Northview Ave is ideal for young professionals, and even college students.  Within the same boundaries, the streets just west of College Ave (Broadway, Central, New Jersey), you will find more bungalows and larger two story homes, and because they are off the busy street of College Ave, these are great for young families. When you start heading south of 52nd Street, home values tend to start dropping (especially east of College), so keep that in mind.

Forest Hills:
The neighborhood of Forest Hills is known for established and growing families, and is minutes from all the amenities offered in Broad Ripple Village. Houses here are large and beautiful, featuring unique architecture and quaint yards with mature trees, creating a very charming environment. Forrest Hills is bounded by College Ave, Kessler Avenue, Northview Ave, and the Monon Trail.  

Broad Ripple Ave (East of the main strip):
The neighborhood just south of Broad Ripple Ave (which is also 62nd Street) is a bit closer to the main strip of bars, restaurants, and boutiques. Within the boundaries of Broad Ripple Ave, Keystone Ave, Kessler Ave, and Haverford Ave, there are young couples, singles, and families, creating a friendly and diverse atmosphere. This neighborhood is filled with both bungalows and tudors, many with front porches and well maintained lawns. Right across the street you will find Broad Ripple Park, complete with tennis courts, a public pool, and a dog park.  

Meridian Hills:
Located just northwest of Broad Ripple Village, Meridian Hills consists of high-end, relatively more expensive homes. Like Forest Hills, the homes are large and beautiful, with mature trees and hilly terrain. Large ranches and colonial style homes fill the neighborhood, which borders Holliday Park and Marrott Park. Churches, synagogues, schools, and a country club add to the sense of community.  Meridian Hills has easy access to the Monon Trail, Nora, and the main strip of Broad Ripple.

There are of course many more pocket neighborhoods surrounding the Village, but these are some of the main residential neighborhoods in the Broad Ripple area.
For more information about Broad Ripple Village, visit . This site has loads of info, including maps, event info, links, and a directory. If you need assistance finding a home in Broad Ripple, please give me a call. I love searching for homes and would be happy to assist you!
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