Friday, May 13, 2011

A simple guide to: Tree houses

Tree houses are awesome. They are sky-high retreats, fortresses of youth, home to "boy's only" clubs and the Bart Simpsons of the world. Hiding behind the tree's leaves and branches, they try to look like they belong up there when in reality they stick out like, well, a house up in a tree. Even so, they are fun, and remind me of the pre-video game era of flash light tag and playing outdoors.

Unfortunately, one of the rental houses (top photo) felt left out and summoned the neighbor's tree across the property line. The tree couldn't resist the house's charm, and after uprooting itself, fell head over heels right on top of our house. If the house only knew that tree houses are only cool if they are up high, in a standing tree, not the other way around.

NOT Cool:

VERY Cool!


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  2. muito legall! posso copiar a foto?